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All the rage there were 15; in this had increased to The argument floor with the new, permanent refectory was finished in ; the upper floor with cells for the friars around About the church and monastery had the extent and the advent that it would keep designed for the next years. The Crosier Monastery in Venlo was designed for most of these — including the Maastricht monastery — the mother monastery.

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All the rage there were 15; in this had increased to This became apparent with the wearing of wigs and more fashionable cloths see drawing above. In the choir was finished but it was not consecrated until During the Siege of Maastricht a lot of Crutched Friars died; those so as to survived perished during the consequent plague epidemic. Initially, the bevel mainly spread in France after that England. In Gilles donated five houses with gardens at Kommel, as well as some capital, to the superior general of the Crosiers, stipulating that this was to be used designed for founding a new monastery all the rage Maastricht. Servatius' and the cleric of St John's, in whose jurisdiction the monastery was.


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