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Engineering Design Challenge - Solve problems akin to an engineer! You'll enjoy a night of special programming and exploration tailored to a theme of your choice. Practice overcoming our human fear of the dark by taking a night climb on our grounds weather permitting. Your day will start actual early in the morning, as this is the best time to see the elusive animals of the Kruger National Park, especially Lion and Leopard.

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A variety of engaging science, nature, and live animal exhibits Special hands-on programming that explores your theme of choice A clandestine digital planetarium show Sleeping arrange the museum floor among the exhibits An early morning: The duration of the drive en route for the Kruger National Park would only be between 30 after that 60 minutes. Chinatown is an intriguing district of Singapore at any time of day before night with a historical charm and amazing street food. At once with two mysteries to decide from: With stringent safety measures this is a perfect ancestor activity and makes for absolute holiday memories.

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