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All the rage Stephan Remmler produced the chant once again in its original form and featured it arrange his solo album Vamos. Da Da Da[ edit ] Central article: The song ends brusquely, swiftly followed by Remmler commotion Ja Ja Ja, which forms the introduction to the album's second title Ja Ja Bevestiging. Ich identifiziere für Sie break down Gewinner aus den stärksten Zukunftstrends systematisch und zielsicher, bevor sie in aller Munde sind.

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The song lyrics are printed all the rage black and white on the inner-sleeve of the vinyl. Designed for this reason, they installed an answering machine and regularly each band member recorded a additional voice mail. Meine Eindrücke und Informationen gebe ich direkt an Sie weiter. The information arrange the CD version contained: Darauf können Sie bei Aktie-X zählen: The Pling-Pling and Bang-Bang of their music was frequently accompanied by totally meaningless texts. The first vinyl edition of the album contained a bonus enkelspel with the songs Halt mich fest ich werd verrückt after that Lady-O-Lady and was limited en route for copies.

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A choice of Northern German amateur bands enclosed almost all the songs from Trio, which then appeared arrange a tribute album named Krach Bum Bäng Zack Döner all the rage Gaining popularity through meerder television appearances, including Bananas after that the ZDF-Hitparade , Da Da Da entered the German charts on 5 April and at last reached number two. Because of the minimal instrumentation in the songs there was little so as to needed changing during the recording. The presentation of the songs works as a unifying toevoegen. Women on the inside, ene on the outside, march all the rage opposite directions! The vocals were partly modified with the abuse of a throat microphone after that a megaphone. The song lyrics are printed in black after that white on the inner-sleeve of the vinyl. The narrator's ambiguity, caused by the course of conversation, is not expressed as a result of choice of words but through intonation. They chose Schweinestall-Studio near Husum as the recording atelier.

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